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HSPA and mobile WiMax for Mobile Broadband Wireless Access

HSPA and mobile WiMax for Mobile Broadband Wireless Access.

The advent of mobile broadband access is accompanied by significant uncertainties over the likely future successes of the new technology choices that are becoming available. In particular, the relative commercial and technical advantages and disadvantages of operating HSPA vs. mobile WiMax remain...

Profitable Growth through Service

Profitable Growth through Service

Innovative service strategies offer a large potential for increasing growth and profitability in the investment goods industries as in these mature markets competitive pressure is rising continuously and differentiation through physical products becomes more and more difficult. In this situation...
Industrial goods & services

Automotive Newsletter - Spring 2006

Commercial Vehicle Trend Study Towards 2015

How Technology Will Change Value Chain Structures

While numerous studies have analysed developments in the passenger car industry, the heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry has largely remained a blind spot. That is why Arthur D. Little decided to conduct a study on the future of trucks. We elaborated hypotheses on several issues which we tested...

Automotive Power Electronics 2015

Automotive innovation relies heavily on electronics.

This Arthur D. Little study deals with the future use of power electronics in automotive technology. Beginning with an overview of the power electronics market and then developing the five mega-trends in automobile electronics that will drastically influence the motor industry, we have detailed the...

A User’s Guide to Successful M&As

The global number of mergers and acquisitions has rebounded strongly since 2004. Many top executives are wondering whether it’s worth getting back into M&A as a tool for growth - and if so what best-practice maximises the chances of success. As Vantrappen and Kilefors explore in their article,...

Pressure on Energy Prices

Energy utility companies across Europe are feeling huge customer and political resistance to recent and forthcoming price increases. The increases have highly visible causes. Oil, gas and coal prices have all hit record highs in recent months. Meanwhile, massive investments are needed to meet both...

Sustainable Performance Delivered

Having established the connection between Integrity + Innovation = Sustainable Performance CEO's now need to establish how to deliver the concept. In this second paper of the series Arthur D. Little’s demonstrates I plus I in the real world going on to show how companies such as GE, Dow...

Bridging the Talent Gap

Despite booming oil prices the industry is being constrained by  resource shortages in oil supply, refining capacity and talents across the sector despite a 20% increase in investments by IOC's and NOC's.

Exzellenz in Working Capital Management

Forderungen rasch einzutreiben, Vorräte gering zu halten und diese schnell umzuschlagen sowie Zahlungsziele für Lieferanten möglichst lang zu gestalten - diese Stellhebel des so genannten Working Capital Management sind in der unternehmerischen Praxis grundsätzlich bekannt: Primäres Ziel dabei ist...
Operations management