Mobile TV
December 2011

Broadcast Mobile TV is a new and complex business at the crossroads of the media/TV and broadcast/ telecommunication industries. Therefore it is not surprising that broadcast mobile TV has, in spite of about 40 million active broadcast mobile TV users worldwide, disappointed expectations on subscriber uptake and on revenue generation. However, key players continue to improve the underlying business model: They work on reducing the costs to deliver the service and on improving the user experience of mobile TV. At the same time, mobile operators increasingly realise the value of mobile TV as a contributor to support customer acquisition/ retention and to sell high value service bundles. And the next generation of broadcast mobile TV networks is already pending: At least three major consortia are working on launching mobile TV based on hybrid satellite/terrestrial networks which would cover entire world regions. In consequence, the number of broadcast mobile TV users should increase to about 140-200 million by 2011, which will generate substantial direct and indirect benefits for the media/TV and broadcast/telecommunication industry players. We therefore recommend to executives to stay tuned rather than to switch off on the mobile TV evolution.