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Innovation for Value

Creating business value through innovation

Arthur D. Little's latest report, "Innovation for Value", examines and articulates how businesses can strategically review their innovation culture and processes to create business value and long-term competitive advantage.
Technology & innovation management

Middle Market Private Equity Challenge in an Economic Downturn

Surviving in the economic downturn

The credit crunch of the summer is not abating, and recent economic data indicates that the US economy is very likely heading into a recession in 2008. The Middle Market Buyouts Symposium 2008 in New York on 8 January addressed the question “How can middle market private equity funds survive the...

Green Purchasing Power

Cost Reduction and Revenue Generation through Sustainable Procurement

As stakeholders become increasingly insistent that "promises made" by the CEO become "promises delivered", business leaders will need to extract and manage increasing innovation from suppliers as well as employees to deliver on commitment to sustainable performance.
Operations management, Sustainability

What Future for Biofuels?

Has the Tide Turned?

Biofuels have gone from being the great hope for clean transport fuels of the future to being in the dock accused of causing deforestation and increases in food prices for the world’s poorest people. Against this backdrop, the UK Gallagher Review of the indirect effects of biofuels production has...

Strategies to Turn an Economic Slump to Portfolio Companies'

Helping companies determine opportunities

In difficult economic times, large capital investments or extensive improvement projects may not be the right answer to an immediate need. Arthur D. Little has developed proven methodologies to help companies determine revenue and cost opportunities quickly and focus efforts on immediate value...

The Water Margin

How Strategic Management of Water can Grow Business Value

With two-thirds of the world to experience water shortages by 2025, this report warns companies that it is imperative to assess their water footprint and develop a proactive response to water management or risk damaging their business performance. A proactive approach to water management assesses...

Sleeker by Design

Cost-efficiency in the insurance industry

A survey conducted by Arthur D. Little ranks 50 major European insurance companies on cost-efficiency and takes a closer look at the strategies adopted by these top performers to achieve their high-ranking positions.
Financial services

The BRIC Battle

Winning the Global Race for the Emerging Middle Segment

With global economists predicting the emerging BRIC markets will remain the key source for growth in the crisis, a new study explains that mature market multinationals must re-evaluate their outmoded globalisation philosophies or risk losing out to a new generation of ambitious, fast growing...

The Burning Question

Global energy policy and regulation

Peter Hughes, director at Arthur D. Little’s Energy & Utilities practice, delivers a keynote speech to Stanford University’s Program on Energy and Sustainable Development. The speech discusses the reasons behind Europe’s growing reliance on imported natural gas and what is happening now as the...

Future of Mobility 2020

Whither the automotive industry?

The automotive industry is caught in the middle of a crisis of a magnitude it has never seen before. Over the short and medium term, the restructuring actions initiated now will help optimise cost structures, but will the long-term ability to compete be safeguarded? Will the automotive market...