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Making the network count again

With competition in the mobile industry growing, mobile operators are now considering flat-rate pricing as the best way to meet customer expectations and to stimulate the take-up of mobile broadband services. Although mobile customers will appreciate the freedom to talk or be online as much as they...

Future of Television

The End of TV as We Know It?

The future of TV will be defined by the enrichment of linear TV with interactive, on-demand services. Successful business models will be based on a hybrid model, i.e. a combination of free services to attract users to the respective platform and paid services. Our report shows how this could work....

Space for Creativity

Innovative Solutions in Central and Eastern European Telecommunications

The Central and Eastern European region (CEE) is a mosaic of 21 countries at various stages of development. While looking for solutions that best fit the local conditions, operators have often chosen previously untested, innovative solutions, and deployed new technologies earlier and faster than...

M-Payments Making Inroads

Arthur D. Little's Global M-Payment Update 2005‚ M-Payments Making Inroads is an update to last year's Global M-Payment Report 2004. The purpose is to provide an update on the events in the m-commerce/ m-payment sector over the last year, and to highlight developments in particular countries. For...

La facture cachée de la future télévision gratuite

Broadband market development

In the past Germany was repeatedly criticized because of what appeared to be its underdeveloped Internet market when the number of broadband connections per household was compared with other industrialized countries. On this basis, the EU commission in particular exerted pressure on those...

In the eye of the telecom-media storm

The principal structuring trend in the European Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) sector during the next few years will be the advent of mobile broadband. This will be the key driver of revenue growth throughout the value chain: in access, offsetting the decline in traditional telecom revenues.

A Mobile Playground

Arthur D. Little predicts that in the coming years mobile advertising is poised to be the next major digital platform for brands to reach customers, and that the key telecom players need to get to this market early.

The Future for Telecoms Suppliers

Traditional telecom infrastructure suppliers are coming under severe pressure both from evolving operator demands and from new heavyweight competitors in the form of IT players and emerging Asian suppliers. This double pressure means that selling fixed and mobile network equipment in both developed...

Mobile TV

Broadcast Mobile TV is a new and complex business at the crossroads of the media/TV and broadcast/ telecommunication industries. Therefore it is not surprising that broadcast mobile TV has, in spite of about 40 million active broadcast mobile TV users worldwide, disappointed expectations on...