automotive quarterly – q32014


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Total Market Orientation

Benchmarking study reveals key levers underpinning marketing and sales excellence

Arthur D. Little and the Leipzig Graduate School of Management recently undertook a cross-industry benchmarking study to identify the key levers to achieving marketing and sales excellence. Over the last 18 months companies have focused on cutting costs/downsizing and fuelling idle production...

Supply Chain Performance Excellence

Realising potential within the supply chain to drive down costs and optimise service

A research study by Arthur D. Little shows that many companies are not currently taking advantage of supply chain excellence practices or are not doing so fully. Excellence practices can help companies to identify the precise service levels below which any further decrease causes changes in the...
Operations management

Manufacturing Network Concentration

Now Could Be the Time to Act

Manufacturing networks drive unnecessary costs, capital and obstruct service if not aligned with products, sales and production technology. Historic events and organisational heritage often lead to manufacturing networks that are not optimal from these perspectives. Although companies are often...
Industrial goods & services, Consumer goods & retail

Let the Shop Come to You

mCommerce – Becomes a Business

Smartphones will become the most important digital device for the shopper in the Consumer Goods/Retail transaction process – and more so as a sales channel (mobile order) than a payment channel (mobile payment). Today, there is a convergence of industries where successful retailers need to...

Making new product launch decisions

Making new product launch decisions in an uncertain environment

Making new product launch decisions, such as where and in which sequence, is becoming ever trickier, as the environment into which the product will be launched changes constantly. In this article, using a new medicine as a case example, the authors examine the problem and offer a pragmatic and...

Winning the Merger Decathlon

A Guide to Mastering the Ten Challenges of the M&A Process

Just as winning the Olympic decathlon requires a combination of strength, endurance and technical skill, so mergers require organisations and individuals to excel in a broad range of disciplines. By mastering the challenges of the "merger decathlon", organisations can improve their chance...

Mobile Vertical Applications - Driving Enterprise Mobility

The mobile application landscape is diverse, with applications aimed at a variety of end-user types and ranging from relatively standard “horizontal” solutions through to highly-specialised applications that serve a specific industry need. While it is only relatively recently that some sectors have...
Automotive, Technology & innovation management

Winning the Retail Game

Dealer performance as a success factor

With cut-throat competition characterising stagnant automotive retail markets,  high-performing dealer networks are becoming essential to OEMs' market success. Although automotive manufacturers invest heavily in developing and training their retail partners, many programmes do not generate the...

Marketing & Sales Excellence

Over the last years, more than 130 mainly internationally operating companies have already participated in the regularly updated study. Comparison of the cross-industry insights allows for new starting points to achieve Marketing & Sales Excellence according to best in class performance of...

The Curing Company

Highly successful drugs, sometimes known as blockbusters, have a great impact on healthcare as they treat a large number of patients, and are most frequently indicated in common, often chronic conditions. This guarantees a high level of usage and therefore a profitable drug, however the premium...