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Working as a consultant is demanding and requires both resilience and flexibility. For this reason, we always ensure that our employees have the space they need to balance the demands of their jobs. At Arthur D. Little you have the option to take a leave of absence regardless of where you are in your career. This option gives you up to a year to implement personal projects and realize your dreams.

Part-time parental leave – It’s not always easy to juggle children and a career.

We help you with that.We actively promote the compatibility of family life and a career. Once you have taken parental leave and return to your workplace, we offer a number of highly flexible work-time models. The choice is yours, and you have our full support!

Gender diversity: Work-life balance and career progression shouldn’t conflict

It is undisputable that gender parity results in economic benefits for companies. However, despite firms investing considerable efforts in gender diversity initiatives, they still struggle to reach equality. The causes aren’t always clear, but can include corporate culture
occupational segregation, failure to ensure fair career progression, lack of policies and lack of a balanced recruitment strategy. Consulting firms are no exception. Arthur D. Little (ADL) UK has implemented a set of initiatives to close the gender gap and adopted an operating model that promotes work-life balance and supports women throughout their consulting careers.



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