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Energy storage: an adaptable approach to managing the...

The deployment of renewable energy over the last decade has created unprecedented challenges for the planning and operation of power systems. Consequently, battery-storage technologies have attracted great interest, as they allow utilities and network operators to adopt a flexible and adaptable...

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The Integrated Approach

Some of the vibrantly growing urban centers of the Middle East, such as Dubai, are building on best practice from around the world. This experience provides lessons, good and bad, for other cities across the world as they struggle to meet their own urban mobility challenges.

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Trump’s America First Energy Plans Cannot Turn Back Time

The Trump administration’s approach to the traditional energy trilemma – the challenge of balancing cheap, secure, and clean energy – appears set to heavily favour the low-cost and secure aspects of domestic energy supply at the expense of any focus on carbon emissions.

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Utilities & alternative energy

Arthur D. Little urges network operators to prepare for...

New applications could fuel global market of up to €3.5 trillion per year

Amsterdam, 20 September 2017 – In its new report, “Unlocking GigaWorld Innovation: GigaApps in a GigaWorld,” Arthur D. Little (ADL) outlines the investment and monetization opportunities available to network operators ready to embrace the “GigaWorld”, the emerging third cycle of the internet.

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Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

GigaWorld to unlock €250bn wave of innovation

This article is about a new report by Arthur D. Little on GigaWorld, which was presented at Liberty Global’s Tech Summit in Amsterdam. Gigaworld is to unlock a wave of innovation worth at least €250 billion per year to the European economy by 2025. New research from Arthur D.

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The five 5G deployment models for telcos

5G is becoming a strategic priority for telecom operators. It is expected to embrace and integrate partially existing and partially new innovative technologies, as well as accelerate the digitization of the economy further due to its ability to transmit large volumes of data with low latency in...

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Digital transformation roundtable: Cutting through the...

European Communications brought together telecoms executives from across Europe to discuss the thorny topic of digital transformation. Strategy, staffing, technology and challenges were some of the areas hotly debated by participants.

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Shaping the Strategies

The Middle East has been late to urbanization, but this has given it potential to shape its strategies in the development of a core need - urban mobility. Some of its vibrantly growing urban centers, such as Dubai, are now building on best practice from around the world.

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High hopes for funding low-priority drug trials

It's no secret that big pharma invests billions in R&D each year, despite recent headlines bemoaning the cuts companies have made to their research budgets in recent years. This investment in exploratory-stage compounds has resulted in a robust pipeline of promising new therapies across a...

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Healthcare & life sciences

Product development team structure: identifying the unmet...

In our Global Innovation Excellence survey, "Identifying customers' unmet needs" was identified as one of the most important factors for innovation success, with the best practitioners outperforming others by over 20%. However, finding the best way to organize and manage customer interaction is...

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